About Ojców and the Jura

Ojców National Park and the Jurassic Upland

Ojców is Poland’s smallest national park. Established at 14.4 sq km in 1956, it was later expanded to the current 21.46 sq km (8.29 sq miles). Of the total, 15.28 sq km is forested and 2.51 sq km is under strict protection. The park’s headquarters are in Ojców village, from which the park took its name.

The park lies only 16km (10 miles) from central Kraków.

Containing two river valleys, the park contains large numbers of cliffs and ravines and more than 400 caves  – of which Łokietek’s Cave is 320m deep. King Władysław I Łokietek is said to have taken shelter in the cave whch bears his name – the cave of Władysław the Elbow-high. Rock formations feature too – most famously Hercules’ Club, a 25m rock column.


Being contained in a gorge, the park has its own biozone, with 4,600 species of insects, 135 of birds and 15 of bats. Resident mammals also include beaver, badger and ermine.

Human habitation in the area has been dated back 120,000 years.

More recent habitations include elements of the medieval Eagles Nest castles, including the ruined gothic castle at Ojców and the well-preserved Pieskowa Skała which operates as a branch of the National Art Collection.

Unibus from Krakow or Skala

Kraków – Ojców

Departures from Krakow,  ul. Ogrodowa 4 by Galerii Krakowskiej) to Ojcow parking lot

Intermediate stops in Krakow: ul. Ogrodowa 4,  Kraków Nowy Kleparz stanowisko I, Kraków ul. Jasnogórska (przy Makro)

Ojców from the parking lot to Kraków

6 F

7 F

8 F S N

9.35 F S N

10:40 F S N

11.50 F S N

13:45 F S N

14.30 F

(on request – call) tel: 502170548

15:25 F

16.20 F

(0n request – call) tel: 502170548

17:15 F

18:20 F,S,N

19:05 F S N

F – operates monday to friday
S – operates saturday
N – operates sunday

Ojców – Skała (Rynek) Skała (Rynek) – Ojców
8.40 F S 9.30 F S N
11.15 F S N 11.45 F S N
17.50 F 18.15 F S N

Check the schedules at the bus stops, but you should also find there are two more buses – Bus no. 210 from Bronowice Nowe and Bus no. 267 from Gorka Narodowa operate a limited service to Ojcow (mainly weekends and public holidays)

Parking at Ojcow

Is available in the Park, cost 5-10zl per day.


The ruins of Kazimir’s Castle are open from late April to early November:

–          April – May and August – September: 10:00-16.45

–          June – July: to 17:45

–          October: to 15:45

–          November: to 14:45

–          on Sundays and holidays about hour longer

–          Mondays – closed

–          normal ticket – 2,50 PLN

–          half-price ticket – 1,50 PLN

Pieskowa Skała is open year-round:

–          Tuesday-Thursday – from 09:00 -15:15 (last entry)

–          Friday – free entry (only first floor of museum) from 9:00-12:00 (last entry)

–          Saturday – Sunday – from 10:00-17:15 (last entry)

–          the external courtyard is open to 20:00

–          closed on Monday and the day following holidays

–          normal ticket – 10,00 PLN

–          half-price ticket – 7,00 PLN

–          free admission only to the external courtyard and bastion.


Ojców’s second museum, Muzeum im. prof. Władysława Szafera w Ojcowie, is situated by the park headquarters.

Open year-round:

–          1 May to 31 October from 09:00-16:30 (last entry)

–          otherwise from 08:00 – 14:45.

–          normal ticket – 10,00 PLN

–          half-price ticket – 7,00 PLN

–          on Saturday – free entry


For fans of caves:

Łokietek’s Cave is open daily from mid-April to mid-November.


– April and November 09:00 – 15:30

– May to August to 18:30

– September to 17:30

– October to 16:30


– normal 7.00 PLN

– reduced 5.00 PLN

Dark Cave is open daily from the end of April to mid-November.

Hours 11:00 to 17:15


– normal 6.00 PLN

– reduced 4.00 PLN


Wierzchowska Górna Cave at  Biały Kościół is open every day.


–          Easter to 30 April 09:00 – 16:00

–          May to August 09:00 to 17:00

–          September to October 09:00 to 16:00

–          November 09:00 – 15:00

–          Closed the rest of the year, save the local winter holidays when the cave system is open from 10:00 to 15:00


–          normal 14.00 PLN

–          reduced 12 PLN

Bat’s Cave in the Bedkowska Valley (Jerzmanowice) is open daily


1 May to 31 October 08:00 to 18:00


Zygmunt Ferdek, Jerzmanowice 79, tel. (012) 389 53 95


–          normal 8 PLN

–          reduced 6PLN

Minolta DSC

Part of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, or Polish Jurassic Highland belongs to Ojców National Park. The area attracts 4-500,000 visitors each year to walk, cycle and ride in this amazing landscape.


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