Monthly Archives: February 2014

How’s your winter going?


With the news continuously reporting on storms in the US and UK, which seems to be liable to sink beneath the waves at any moment, we have a very gentle winter to report, here.

2013 we had two feet of snow … not the same two feet, clearly, but from Xmas Eve until 6 April there was two feet of snow outside. It would melt a bit, then be topped up, for months. We have pictures!

This year we have had only about four noticeable snow falls, and two of them were last week – when the temperature dropped overnight and we had about 10cm of snow, which promptly all melted next day when the warm sun rose in a clear blue sky. Twice! Even the north facing slopes, opposite us, are clear.

I was outside with the dogs, wearing a sweater, for well over an hour. Lovely and warm, until the sun went behind the hills.

What will the weather be like when YOU come to Poland? Who knows, my friend, who knows!