About Kamionka Wielka


Kamionka Wielka is the name of our village and our commune, or Gmina.


The flag of the Gmina

As such KW, the village, is the seat of KW, the Gmina – the Gmina offices are close to the church, in the centre of the village, where you’ll also find Spar, Delikatesy Centrum, the Post Office and a filling station.


Shops and bars are also at intervals along the road to and through the village.


With a population hovering at about 3,000 (Gmina approx. 10,000) Kamionka Wielka is 6 miles (9km) south-east of Nowy Sącz and 51 miles (82km) south-east of Kraków. Of course, those distances are as the crow flies – by road it is closer to 120 km to Kraków.


The Gmina is known for outdoor pursuits – walking, cycling, hunting and mushroom gathering, swimming and fishing and horse riding. There’s a football team and pitch in Jamnica.



Other villages in the Gmina include:



Bogusza, with its wooden orthodox church, and which was almost entirely depopulated during Operation Vistula, the 1947 forced resettlement of post-war Poland’s Ukrainian minority (locally, Lemkos).



Mystków, the oldest village in the Gmina, with the imposing baroque Church of Ss Philip and Jacob



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