About “free” walking tours in Krakow

About “free” walking tours in Krakow

There are two tip-based walking tours every day, leaving the meeting point in front of St. Mary’s Basilica on the Rynek.

You should, by now, know that the Rynek is the main square and St Mary’s is the big church with the two towers and the trumpet playing every hour.


Got your bearings now? Cool. Let’s go.

The 10:30 tour of the old town will take roughly 2 – 2½  hours, and you will see:

–       St. Mary’s Basilica

–       The medieval city walls and the Barbican

–        Florianska Street

–       The Main Market Square

–       The Cloth Hall

–       St. Adalbert’s Church

–       The Town Hall Tower (Krakow’s leaning tower!)

–       Collegium Maius

–       John Paul II’s window

–       The Franciscan Church and the “God the Father – Become!” stained glass window

–       Grodzka Street

–       St. Peter and Paul’s Church

–       St. Andrew’s Church

–       Kanonicza Street

–       Wawel Cathedral

–       Wawel Castle

Collegium Maius


gwawel cath

The 14:00 tour of the Jewish Quarter (Kazimierz) and the site of the Krakow Ghetto again takes about 2 to 2½ hours, to see:

–       The Old Synagogue

–       Remuh Synagogue

–       Szeroka Street

–       The old Jewish cemetery

–       The Tempel Synagogue

–       The Nowy Square – the heart of the Kazimierz pubs and restaurants

–       Schindler’s List filming sites

–       Corpus Christi Church

–       Kazimierz Market Square

–       The pedestrians bridge

–       Ghetto Heroes Square

If you’ve read our file About Schindler’s Factory, you will recognise some of the sites from the movie and Ghetto Heroes Square, where you leave/join the tram from and to central Krakow.

You can also join this tour at 14:20 next to the Remuh Synagogue in Szeroka Street.


Remuh Synagogue

ped brg


Roser 02 (Chip)

A longer tour of Nowa Huta (four hours, with a suggested 30zl donation) operates from 10 May to 31 October, at 14:00 on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

You will also need to have with you two tram tickets for up to 40 minutes’ travel (3.80zl for adults) as the group will travel by tram to and from Nowa Hita. Tram tickets cab be bought from kiosks or on the tram (see About Getting Around Krakow).

Nowa Huta is the city area designed and built under communist reign, in the post-War period (including the time of Stalin). This area can also be visited independently, but we’d recommend either a walking tour or a Trabant tour with Crazy Krakow Tours.





Need to know

No booking is necessary, just be at the meeting point on time (the tour may be 5 minutes or so early or late at Remuh Synagogue)

Dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable shoes

Look for a person with Cracow Free Tours sign – that’s your guide

All tours are in English

Contact Cracow free tours by phone on  (+48) 606808911

or email info@cracowfreewalkingtour.com

or go to http://www.cracowfreewalkingtour.com/en


Or for a tour of Nowa Huta by Trabant or more, see http://www.crazyguides.com/contact_us.html


Since writing the above we’ve become aware of these people http://freewalkingtour.com/krakow,city,1.html

They offer a variety of “free” and “paid” walking tours plus a cycling tour.

Click on tours and read from there

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