About our borders

About our borders

The Daily Mail ran an article promoting a map that shows how borders in Europe and the Middle East shifted over 1,000 years.


We have mentioned a number of times that Poland vanished off the map from the late 1780s until 1918 – now you can see it for yourself.

Also, see how recently Italy was divided and Germany was a patchwork of tiny kingdoms? And how Poland moves around? And the Commonwealth?

Cool, huh?

Quick note added 22.5.2014

Matter of interest time. Given the uncertain future of independent Ukraine and questions over Russia’s intentions with regard to Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia there has been some talk in Poland of the country offering mergers with all those states – in part to recover the territory lost at the end of WW2 (though no mention of returning the lands in the West to Germany) and perhaps more generally to give all those peoples an immediate membership of the EU and NATO.

As well as the question mark over the land Poland GAINED from Germany at the end of WW2, there would also be an interesting question over the future of Kaliningrad – the Oblast (formerly East Prussia) – and the city – formerly Königsberg, once capital of Prussia.

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