Spring countdown

Well, the magnificent magnolia looks about to burst into bloom. I can see the buds swelling and in just a few days we ought to have a wonderful display.

We’ve also (believe it or not) been gardening. First John got carried away and ordered seed trays, propagators and flower seeds from Amazon (free delivery to Poland if you spend over £25). Then, after realising he had more trays than seeds, a joint trip to the garden centre brought us two hanging baskets and a load of flower plants, more flower seeds and some tomato seeds.

Planty 001

The house faces south, so the log walls and rock foundations retain heat, so we ought to be OK with the tomatoes. Time will tell, I guess.

Planty 006

So far, strategic use of sticky tape has kept the cats out of the propagators – Jasper has tried to sit on one though, and those things aren’t made like they used to be!

Planty 002

First time gardening in 30 years – just goes to show what a series of first floor and higher flats in London did for my green fingers!

Planty 016

Pics to follow, when we have more colour to show you. Meantime, our days have been bright, sunny and dry … but storms are forecast for tonight!

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