I saw this on Facebook and had to share it … it so nicely sums up the attitude of so many Christians and other theists. As a fat, disabled, gay atheist I see so much discrimination and rights-denial …


Of course, religion is not the only force behind discrimination and rights-denial … there’s bigotry, race-hate, the hatred of difference and the simple fact that, having secured rights for themselves (or having inherited them) so many people feel they have the right to deny others those same rights.

And while I am on a soap box – and adding that this argument applies not just to churches of the Christian tendency:


I, for one, refuse to acknowledge the right to power of someone else’s man-made “god”. I don’t believe that makes me any better of a man, but I do believe that while I can be a good man without a god, it takes religion to make good men evil. Or, to quote someone more eloquent than I:


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