I realised that I did a whole About (About Getting Around in Krakow) without giving credit to the planning tool visitors to Kraków will find the most useful, and maybe also the most difficult. It’s called Jakdojade and the Krakow version is here http://krakow.jakdojade.pl/?locale=en

Basically, the difficult bit is that you need to be able to accurately identify three things – your start and end points on the map and the time you’ll be setting out. This is because:

– The tool will give you a detailed route, including a map, from start to end points including walking directions, bus and tram elements, stops to get on and off and times, and

– All this will also take account of the time you’re setting out – so if there is a choice of trams, for example, the tool will give you the first available route – so, setting out ten minutes later might give you a different route.

Confused? Don’t be – as long as you understand those points you’ll be fine and quickly see the value of the tool and appreciate the work which went into it. Oh, one more point. The tool will presume you want to use the tram or bus. There is no option to just walk. The tool is available for all these cities – just click “change city” • Białystok • Bydgoszcz • Górnośląski Okręg Przemysłowy (GOP) • Grudziądz • Kraków • Łódź • Lublin • Metropolia Zatoki Gdańskiej (Trójmiasto) • Olsztyn • Poznań • Radom • Rzeszów • Szczecin • Toruń • Warszawa • Wrocław

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