Was that it?

Was that it? Was that our summer? I know I am not a lover of heat, but crikey, that summer was short! Not only in Poland, though, I think….

I was out on the porch this morning, about 9:30, with the dogs chasing round the garden like mad things and the cats looking all disdainful. And the breeze had teeth!

Rajmund is cutting logs. We’ll be sorting out our warmer clothes soon, the quilts are back on the bed.  Warm and hearty meals will replace bloody salads Edward, Jasper and Bella are spending more time indoors … yet the spring is still dry

We clubbed together with the neighbours and had our septic tanks emptied this week – the glorious country living has the occasional downside! – now we have to figure out how to kick-start the poo-processing critters so they can do their work for another year.

Meanwhile, my new Kindle Paperwhite is on order – I dropped the old one once too often and the screen stopped working so I’ve been using a Galaxy Tab, which is too heavy to read in bed for the length of time it takes me to drop off.

Update : This morning was sunny, but cold. This afternoon was glorious! Clear blue sky and just the smallest whisps of cloud shining white in the sun!

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