How are the dogs doing?

How are the dogs doing?

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As you know, we’ve had TeaPot, the little black and silver Miniature Schnauzer, for a bit over a year – Rajmund got her for John’s birthday last year. She’s a grown lass now, loves to be with her people and when Rajmund is working away from home she sleeps on the bed with John.

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TeaPot went through a jealous phase a couple of weeks after we got Jurek – she chewed up the lino in the hall. When we figures out what the issue was we doubled up on lovies for TeaPot, made sure she got more attention than Jurek, and she has settled down again.

RKB 270713 037

Jurek was advertised by the rescue centre as “of the Nizinny type”, which we took to mean he had a PON in his recent ancestry. However, as John had done some research into Polish breeds before we left London and chosen a Nizinny as his target breed, we have a couple of breed books. In them we found photos of 5-6 month old pups, and Jurek sure looked like them.

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So, when Rajmund took the cats to be … um … “seen to” he asked the vet to check Jurek over and to tell him what he thought. He told us Jurek is a full Nizinny. Cool!

RKB 270713 027

In fact, Nizinny almost died out as a breed during WW2.

RKB 270713 021

Polski Owczarek Nizinny or PON is a Polish Lowland Sheepdog

RKB 270713 012

Returning to the books, we read that the Nizinny is a very intelligent dog, easily trained … Jurek skipped that part, we think. He is gorgeous, but has the brains of a gnat!

RKB 270713 010

So, the dogs are doing just fine. The cats, too, and they’ve gotten over their little operations. We kept Bella in a big cage for a couple of days so she’d not leap about, but the boys were out next day.

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