Fizzy lemonade

Fizzy lemonade

We made our own ginger beer in the winter – it was excellent – and now we’re going to try to make fizzy lemonade for the summer … now that we’re at last getting consistently hot and sunny days!

This is the recipe we’re going to be using – note that it does need a fair bit of sugar, both to sweeten the drink and to feed the yeast. This lemonade will be fizzy and mildly alcoholic.

550 ml caster sugar

7-8 litres water

3 lemons

8 g yeast

2 egg whites

12.5 ml rum

4 clean 2 litre pop bottles

Peel the rind of the lemons very thinly and boil with the sugar and a few cups of water for 15 minutes to make a sweet lemon syrup.

With a little water, beat the yeast to a cream.

Beat the egg whites until stiff, add yeast, and then seven litres of water.

Strain in the lemon mixture, squeeze the peeled lemons and add the juice and rum to the lemonade.

Pour into bottles and secure the tops.

Keep for a week before using.

After a week the lemonade will be good and fizzy.

You need to stop it getting any fizzier, so put it in the fridge.

We promise to report back with results.

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