For those who remember

For those who remember

The customer in the restaurant decides he wants squid for dinner.

The waiter takes him to the tank, where he makes his selection – “there, the ugly bad-tempered  green one with the moustache”

The waiter scoops the squid out and passes it to the chef, Gervaise

Gervaise takes one look, shivers and passes the squid on to Hans, the dishwasher.

Now Hans is a great hulking brute of a man. Not the sort you’d like to meet in a dark alley

Hans grabs the squid by the legs, slaps it down on the chopping block and raises the cleaver

The squid looks him in the eyes and whimpers

Hans lowers the cleaver, then raises it again with a roar

The squid sees and lets out an even louder, more quivering whimper

At which Hans lowers the cleaver, shakes his head – he can’t do it

Which …

Just goes to show that Hans that does dishes can be soft as Gervaise, with vile green hairy-lip squid

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