What’s a Polish Breakfast?

What’s a Polish Breakfast?

For a start, older Poles just do not get breakfast cereals. Rice Krispies and other famous cheap breakfast cereals just aren’t sold over here. Other cereals, often for kids or more premium ones and/or products adopted from the US, are to be found, though.

Still, milky cereals aren’t that popular with adults. So what is?

Hotels will usually serve up bread, butter, cheese, ham/sausage and jam with fresh tea or coffee. A lot of people will have that before leaving home in the morning, too. It’s quick and easy and can even be plated the night before and cling-filmed into the fridge to just grab next morning – and if time is short, coffee goes in a thermos mug and everything else makes a sandwich to eat on the way to work.


One of the better breakfasts we’ve had in Poland was at the Zajazd Krystyna, outside Krakow. Our “egg” breakfasts came with a layer of grilled bacon in the hot dish, under the fried eggs. And it set us up really well for a drive almost to the Channel.

Out and about, McDonalds offer a breakfast menu, including some items we’ve never seen in the UK. They had to withdraw the McKielbasa, though – it simply didn’t sell!

mcd ambuland wroclaw

Ronald McDonald funds an ambulance in Wroclaw

And porridge. Porridge warms the tummy of more Poles than you might think – and a pan of porridge left on the stove overnight will be delicious next morning!

But what about a full English? Our attempts to get close to the traditional all-out full English breakfast have gone one step further with Rajmund’s find of boczek surowy plastry, the ones with a wyśmienitych wedlin smak. Literally “raw bacon slices with a delicious sausage taste”! They’re very thin slices, so much more like what you’d find in a bacon and egg mayo sandwich, but still … bacon …

Or go to any English or Irish pub in Krakow!

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