Redcurrant surprise!

Redcurrant surprise!

Those of you who know us will know that we’re both pretty clueless when it comes to gardens. John hated gardening when forced into it at home, and has taken great pride in buying most of his homes garden-free. Rajmund grew up on a farm, but the farm is a commercial hazelnut (orchard?) so neither of us has really take much interest in, or learned very much about, gardens. We both like our land at Kamionka Wielka, but more than a year after moving in it continues to surprise us.

We knew we had an apple tree – we used the fruit to make apple liqueur, applesauce and apple chutney at the end of last year. We just sampled the apple liqueur – or, rather, sank half a bottle – a few evenings ago. We’re agreed we’ll use ALL this year’s apples to make more of the same … it’s delicious!

This year we’ve so far discovered cherries, gooseberries and redcurrants. Cherries came first, just a few days ago. They’re still a little bitter, but juicy and delicious. We’ve only had a handful of gooseberries, but they’re nice and we’re hoping to get enough for a crumble.

Rajmund was out at work and John had just taken TeaPot and Jurek out onto the porch when Gregory came over with a metal pot – he’d realised our redcurrants were ripe to pick so he and his wife came over and split the pick with us.

Ever cleaned redcurrants, straight from the bush? Do it in water.

09072013 056

What to do with them? Well, we both like sweet things, so John made a sort of Polish not-quite-trifle. Bottom layer is jelly, second layer is a Polish yoghurt-based fake cream topping used for flans and we put all the redcurrants on top. Then a trio of leaves, just to finish it off.

09072013 054

Nom, nom, nom, as the English say!

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