Polish dog breeds

Polish dog breeds

Did you know there are five dog breeds indigenous to Poland?



First, there’s Chart Polski, the Polish Greyhound – so called, but actually no relation to the greyhound found elsewhere. This one is thought to have been bred  from the aisan sight-hound (think Saluki).



Ogar Polski, the Polish Hound, is a handsome hunting dog. Unlike the Greyhound, the Hound is a scent-hound.



Next up is Gończy Polski, the Polish Hunting Dog (can you see a theme running through this?). Another strong scent-hound.

Jurek 1

Four is Jurek – or at least his close relative, the Polski Owczarek Nizinny or Polish Lowland Sheepdog. This breed almost died out during WW2, but lives on as a show, pet and working dog.



The Owczarek Podhalanski – Polish Tatra Sheepdog is a big white beauty! True working dogs – the shepherds even cut the hair and made wool from it – this Sheepdog is also trained as guard, rescue and police dogs, despite being decimated in WW2 and still a rare breed.



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