Dammit! Where’s our summer?

Dammit! Where’s our summer?

Last winter, the last snow was on 31 March. We’d already had some nice warm sunny days, but on 31/3/12 more than a foot of snow landed with a muffled thud, then melted away over the next few days. Thereafter, a very quick transition to what turned out to be a long, hot summer.

This winter, the snow was in place by Xmas and stuck around well into April. Temperatures recorded outside the house were minus 20 degrees or less for days on end – perhaps that was a warning.

We’re not sure if it’s the mountains or Siberia we should be blaming, but while we’ve seen a few warm and sunny days, we’re still waiting for summer … and sometimes it feels like winter is not yet over!

Today, for example, started nicely. Rajmund had the dogs outside, Gregory came over to return the weedwhacker and he and R spent a bit of time whacking some of our grass – it’s gotten a bit out of control, because it’s hardly been dry enough to cut.

Our view was gorgeous. We could see the full thing under a blue sky. Trees green, birds singing, dogs playing, the lot …


Then the light went out of the day. Mists rolled over from the mountains, the view shrank until we could see just the trees next to the house. The sky was hidden in white fluff.

Then the thunder rolled, and the rain came. Torrential rain. And a howling wind.

The dogs hid under the table, heads on John’s lap. Bella Again was inside, keeping cool, and slept on; the boys are still out – probably hiding under the porch, or in the attic.

John was baking a fruit loaf when the power failed. Then came back, then failed again. The lights, the TV, the laptops, flicking between standby and off.

Finally, the lights came back on. The loaf got baked. The laptops are fine and after resetting the satellite box, the TV  is OK … until next time.

Meanwhile, our Iron Age internet server is not on-line – that means power is still out down in the village.  I’ll have to upload this later.

Someone on TA asked if the floods would affect their holiday in July. Who knows, my friend. Who knows!

Just FYI, it’s now three hours later, the internet server is still not running and the view is misted out again. And the best thing on TV is this week’s second chance to see a failed US series from 2002. Second time this week (and it’s only Tuesday). Polish TV is NOT varied, but if you miss something good it WILL be shown again tomorrow! We even get repeats of the pilots of series that were never made!

 Update – I posted this as 21:56 last night … just before the lights went out … and stayed out until 02:30 this morning. Not good when you need to use a CPAP machine to stay alive every night!

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