Introducing Jurek and Bella Again

Jurek and Bella Again

Scroll to the bottom for new pics J 12/6/13

We decided.

The new puppy is Jurek – think “you wreck” – because we could not agree on an English name and anyway Rajmund wanted a Polish name he’d not have to explain to everyone.

The rescue people told us Jurek is 7-8 months old. He’s still very much a puppy, and has given TeaPot a reminder of the days before she left her own pack. They’re getting along – it’s not yet clear which is top dog, but they’re both playing.


Jurek was listed as “Kudlaty, typie Polskiego Owczarka Nizinnego” on the Allegro site. That basically means that they think somewhere in his recent ancestry there’s some Polish Lowland Sheepdog (Polski Owczarek Nizinny, or PON), which is a medium sized, shaggy coated, sheep dog breed native to Poland. Kudlaty translates as “Shaggy” – think Scoopy-Doo!

We’re not sure how “medium sized” Jurek is going to grow. At present he’s about the same size as TeaPot, and though his coat makes him look bigger, he’s actually lighter.

Again according to the rescue people, Jurek was abandoned, tied to their gatepost, late last week. John saw their listing on Allegro at the weekend and Rajmund made some calls. We were the second people to ask for Jurek, and were lucky enough to get to bring him home from Kielce.


Bella’s back story is less clear. Basically, we’d agreed we would get another rescue cat (TeaPot is the only pet we’ve bought from a breeder, the others are all rescue animals) and when he called about Jurek the lady fostering him asked if we could take a cat too. Rajmund thinks she said the cat had been with her for quite a while.

Bella 1 was our first adult cat, adopted in Krakow with Edward. Sadly, she died shortly after coming here.

Rajmund chose to call the new cat Bella “again”. She has similar colouring to the first Bella, though she’s bigger – bigger than either of the boys. She’s a cuddler – loves to be held and stroked – but she’ll take no messing from the other pets, who get a hiss and a waved claw if they get close.

So, there we are.

Trzy koty i dwa psy z dwóch tatusiów w naszym domu dziennika.









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