Names for dogs and cats

You’ll remember we had three pets – Edward and Jasper the cats and TeaPot the miniature Schnauzer, You may also remember the story of TeaPot and the Nizinny – John had set his heart on having a Nizinny one day, but Rajmund bought him little TeaPot for his birthday last year, to see how that worked out.

You may even remember that we’ve discussed expanding our little family? Rajmund was going to check out the current residents of one of the pet rescue centres in Krakow, but he went on a course close to Kielce where there’s a pet sanctuary and the inevitable happened.

Not only that, but the dog he’s brought home is, if not pedigree, at least some sort of Nizinny-cross. He’s only eight months old.

Our new cat is about a year old.

What are we going to call them?

We’ll decide and add pics very soon

Meanwhile – compare and contrast:


100% Nizinny


New pup’s adoption snap

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