The Dwarfs of Wrocław

The Dwarfs of Wrocław

Syzyfki-minIf you’re visiting Wrocław , keep an eye open for the little people. Wrocław  has more than 180 statues of dwarfs throughout the city. Just how many, no-one knows. As John’s friend Ula said, last time he checked “The dwarves are just fine, naughty as always so you can hardly count them up ;)”.

Ogorzałek_i_OpiłekDwarfs or dwarves? Dwarfs is the correct plural, but anyone who’s read Tolkein will know he preferred dwarves, and the popularity of the books and films probably means dwarves has become firmly entenched as a valid alternative. Whatever the name, the first dwarfs were installed in Wrocław in 2001.

RzeznikWe’re not sure when W-Skers, the dwarf in the wheeclhair was installed, but he was in place by the time Ślepak and Głuchak, the blind and deaf-mute dwarfs were added, in June 2008drukarz-minThere’s a website where you’ll find a location map plus photographs and a little history of each dwarf.

LappekHere are the stories of Wrocław ’s three disabled dwarfs.


Always smiling and full of energy. A dwarf who’s always busy and always has something to do, always in a hurry. One of the three ambassadors of the initiative “Wrocław  without barriers”.

w-skersHe’s the first disabled dwarf that came to the city, when invited by the Wrocław Disabled Persons Council. For years now, W-Skers has been engaged in social campaigns, full of energy and enthusiasm. When asked to support the campaign “Wrocław without barriers” he did not hesitate. He packed his bags and set out directly to Wrocław in order not to waste even a minute. Since he has become the ambassador, he is probably the busiest dwarf in town – here he attends an interview, there he cuts the ribbon or he visits the City Council’s meeting. He doesn’t stop fighting for Wrocław to be a city friendly towards the disabled. Usually he may be met by the subway in Świdnicka Street, but don’t be surprised if he’s not there.

giermekBrimming with energy and enthusiasm, the dwarf constantly signs himself up for new projects. His was the idea to invite the other two ambassadors – Blindie and Deafie. He aptly concluded that there is no one better to fight the stereotypes regarding disabled people than the dwarves.

parasolniki-minW-skers is known for his positive attitude and openness, which he learnt during years and years of challenging daily difficulties. Not by accident he is best friends with Well-wisher, with whom he instantly connected. Despite his never-ending rush and busy schedule, he’ll always find some time to listen if someone wants to confide in him. Among all people, children took to him most, as (unlike adults) they can always see what’s really valuable in a man (or dwarf).

deafieŚlepak and Głuchak

Besides W-Skers these are the disabled dwarves of Wrocław. They patrol the city together in search of architecture barriers which make their life harder. In their own dwarf way, they constantly try to change the way of thinking about the disabled and encourage them to be more active.

And just one of the travelling dwarfs.


He was always a dreamer, keen on travels, so there’s no surprise that his greatest dream was a journey… to the moon. He learned one day that from the Copernicus airport at noon a special plane is going to depart – a cosmoplane…

Apparently this information of a craft heading to the moon was given him by some prankster. Flyer unfortunately believed in it and without doing much thinking packed his suitcase, then quickly said goodbye to his family.

MotocyklistaAlthough he has been a dreamy, kind and mild spirit all his life, Flyer did have one flaw – he frequently overslept. So the night before his alleged journey to the moon, he set all alarms that were available in the house. Unfortunately, on that particular day when he was supposed to travel to the moon, he also slept a bit too long.

KanapownikHe arrived 10 minutes too late and started crying… Tears rolled immensely down his cheeks, as the poor disappointed dwarf refused to accept that he won’t take the journey of his life. He stands there ever since, time-frozen in anticipation and hope for another such cosmoplane to come.

PanoramikMeanwhile like all dwarves he enjoys being useful, so he informs  travellers about the airport topography, departure times, delays etc. It’s probably the only dwarf in Wrocław, who lives out of a suitcase without actually travelling anywhere…

Papa_Krasnal-minPapa Dwarf (apparently)

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