You can’t buy sausages in Poland

You can’t buy sausages in Poland


That has to be one of the stupidest things we’ve ever said – but what are the Polish choices?


Wieners abound, cheap and cheerful hot dogs sell by the million – we get a pack of 12 every week, for quick meals and to add to soup (yes, we know, but sausage DOES go in soup in Poland!).


And then there’s a vast choice of Kielbasa – white, brown, black, smoked, not smoked but cooked, blood sausage … it’s all on the Polish menu.

blood sausage

But when you want a sausage butty, or sausage eggs and chips, what do you do? Make your own, of course!


Needless to say, we don’t have access to sheep stomachs or a sausage filling machine, but we always loved McDonald’s sausage and egg muffins and the Big Breakfast, so how about sausage patties?


Easy sausage patty recipe:

500g pork or mixed mince (pork and beef)

A handful of breadcrumbs or shredded stale bread

An onion, finely chopped

Some flour for dusting a surface

Cooking paper to keep them from sticking together if you’re gonna freeze them

Your choice of spice(s) *

1tsp salt

I tsp ground black peppers


Dump the mince, breadcrumbs, chopped onion, spice, salt and pepper into a big mixing bowl. Get your hand in and mix them thoroughly. It’s grim, but hey – the result is worth it.

One you’ve got the ingredients thoroughly mixed and sticking together nicely, dust a board with flour and start making patties. Think a quarter-pound burger for size and thickness. The flour keeps them mobile while you shape them, and helps keep them from sticking together if you store them in the fridge for tomorrow. Makes 6 or so.

You can let them rest in the fridge for 30 minutes if you want to cook and eat them now. For longer – like until tomorrow or tonight’s barbecue, leave them in the fridge, covered. To freeze them, cut cooking paper into 3-4 inch strips and use it to separately stack the patties, then put them in a box and into the freezer.

They fry or grill in less than ten minutes – delicious with:

–       Fried eggs

–       A mock full English (we can’t buy bacon in Poland, either!)

–       Sausage butties

–       Mash an onion gravy

–       In a honey and mustard coating

–       “Chicken-fried”

Chicken-fried sausage patties (and steak, and pork strips and fish cakes)

This was something John tried when Rajmund brought home some thin pork strips – what to do with them? Easy, as it turned out.

Make a mix of one cup of plain flour, salt, pepper, paprika and cayenne. Put a on a coating plate and mix two eggs and put them on a dipping plate.

Coat each patty, slice of meat or fishcake in the egg by dipping it in the egg, then coat both sides in the flour-mix. Repeat. It takes two goes to get a worthwhile coating.

Now fry – for fishcakes, patties and pork strips, 3-5 minutes each side will be long enough.


If you must, make your own. Otherwise, just buy them – and remember, it’s English muffins you want … American muffins are cakes … they only call theirs  muffins because even Americans won’t admit to eating cake for breakfast!




Or make biscuits

American “biscuits” – John’s bread-type life saver!

2 cups self-raising flour

1 cup milk

1/4 cup fat (butter, margerine or lard)

Rub the fat into the flour till you get the proverbial breadcrumb-look.

Add and mix in the milk, till you have a gloop.

Flour a surface and plop the gloop onto it. dust with more four and fold. Flatten and fold 8-10 times. By this point you’ll find the dough swells each time.

Flatten your dough one last time and cut it into about 4-6 pieces. Arrange on a dusted baking tray and bake at 220 degrees for ten minutes.


Add a cup of grated cheddar to your dough for cheesy biscuits, or sugar and dried fruit (split and buttered, delicious at tea time).

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